Sunday, May 16, 2010

My World Tour, Pt. I - Africa

Since I "dropped out" of school, I've been wandering about SL a lot with my suitcase and my camera and my funny hat. The journey isn't over yet, but I will start to share some impressions with you.

First stop: Africa

Africa from Bird's .... or rather Balloon's Perspective.

Finding a spot to land.

Not that easy with all these trees and giraffes...

Oh, look a Slyther....... a snake! *screams like a girl and runs off*

The biological diversity in Africa is amazing. Look at those elephants, ducks, lions, goats with big horns, crocs?...oh my, where did Rebecca go?!

After I find Rebecca I do something really stupid. I go for a ride in an old tire to look at the hippos...and forgot my umbrella. ALWAYS, I say ALWAYS bring an umbrella when you're about to piss off a hippo!

But oh well, I think I can top the hippo incident. Crocs really like floating tires with humans in them. Just as much as we like creme filled donuts.

Thank God I got away. Did I? Or am I looking into his eyes right now?

Whatever, I rather play some music.

Then we hang out for a while.... some more music...

And finally it is time to leave.

We stop at a tourist oasis for a lemo...

...and enjoy the sight, before our ship goes down the Nile and that's where we will start off next time.

Oh, and since some of you misunderstood the death of my character in HU and thought I REALLY died, I sent a postcard:

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