Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Templum ex Obscurum

A wonderful mysterious world (click the pictures to enlarge them):

As soon as you enter this sim you're standing at the entrance of a mysterious old temple,

which was built in the inner of a mountain. Old, forgotten relicts surrounded by water

and some poseballs are waiting for you. Lay down into the water and just...forget.

Drown in surreal blue light - the heart of the temple.

Discover the stunning setting out of light, water and plants.
(Hint: set the envoirment to midnight).

And don't forget to take a look at the outside of the cave - its totally worth a look!

Also here, amazing light settings can be found. Sometimes it was hard for me to walk further - I had the desire just to stay and watch the lights and the waves.

Up on the top of the hill you'll find the last, almost romantic scenario. I tried to capture the beauty of this place at a few pictures but they are nothing when you visited this little spot on your own.

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