Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Forbidden forest ride-out

A few pics of my ride-out in the forbidden forest.

I found a muggle car! Or did it find me? =[
Don't got there!

And so...

...I found my way to the bloggs.

I am Doran, one year and 3 month old, if SL would count. Artist, chaot, listener, dreamer and sometimes completly lost. Most of my time I am spending at the sims of Hogwarts United, or at 'home' in Greece. But from time to time the desire to explore wakes up in me and I start to travel around the world of Secondlife, always searching the most inspiring, mysterious and fantastic places which let you forget RL for some time. This time I will pack my travelbag again, ready to tell you about the places which let me stare at my screen in awe, no matter if its another galaxy, ancient places, tropical beaches or a lost world underwater.

Soon you will recieve the first 'Postcard from Doran'.

See ya


Monday, August 17, 2009

HU - An Opinion

Thanks so much to Diogenes Kuhr for this amazing account of her first days in HU. It is very informative and still great fun to read!


Here lies a great man

Dumbledore's Tomb. Finally we found it. He lies at the edge of the Forbidden Forest looking up at the Castle forever, just like that.

He was a great man and wizards from all over the world travel far distances to pay him their respects. RIP Albus!


The place I work at...

Okay, so today I'll show you what I do most of the time: Hogwarts United, a Harry Potter inspired Sim/s and if you look at this nice snapshot of the castle you'll have to admit - isn't it lovely?

The castle belongs to the Roleplay Sims of Hogwarts United, owned by Stormcloud Criss and Lily Lewellen. It is the centerpiece a bundle of sims all associated with "HU". I will talk about the other sims in a different post.

Facts about the Castle

It was build by Jessica Kanahoe, Harry Prefect and Rebecca Asano in 2008 and since then has been edited by Stormcloud Criss, myself and other members to fit the requirements of the roleplay. A few parts of the building, for example the great hall is the original build from the former RPG Hogwarts Reborn.

It is mighty huge, I mean you must imagine, when you look at this picture you are looking at a whole sim.

The eastwing (on the right) is the place were all the administrative areas are, there is the Headmaster's and Deputy Headmistress' offices, teachers lounge, PWBN Radio Station, Prefect's and Teacher's Lounges, Hospital Wing, Counselors office, Library, entrance to the Greenhouse Area, Astronomy Tower as well as the Ravenclaw's and Slytherin's Common Rooms in the East Wing. In addition to that there are about 25 classrooms and Professor's Offices, the Moving Staircase Room and the Ballroom in this building.

The westwing (here in the center of the pic) has about 30 classrooms and offices, a courtyard, the student's gamesroom and Gryffindor Common room.

The Great Hall is a seperate building (on the left) with scripted housetables, pointsglasses and administration informations. Underneath the Great Hall are the kitchen and the Hufflepuff Commons.

The exact number of students attending Hogwarts changes everyday, so I can not give you an exact number. At the moment the Roleplay Group has around 530 members, most of those (around 400) are students. Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw all have about 120 members each, Hufflepuff "a bit" behind that with about 60.

At the moment we have about 40 staffmembers, most of them Professors, but also Nurses, Librarians, Groundkeepers, Caretakers and a couple of ghosts.

The current schedule for this term includes more or less 30 classes, attended by an avarage number of 20 students. The best time for roleplay is between 8am and 8pm PDT (SL time), the most vivid time is about 12pm-3pm, high peek of an avarage of 30 roleplayers on the Castle Sim (not counted members on the other HU sims).

About the RP

To join the roleplay you have to apply at the New Admissions Department located at the Train Station in Lil Hogsmead or at Dumbledore Circle in the mugglish Londonish on Sunset Harbor. The requirements are high standard, you need an approved Character Sheet, an interview with a New Member Assistant and attendance of the Orientation Class before you can join. Sounds tiring, but it is worth it! If you are a serious roleplayer and fond of Hogwarts that is.

If you are approved as a student you can enter the castle as soon as you got your uniform. Because uniforms are required in the castle during term, unless you are in certain areas like your common room or the hospital.

With adult characters it is different. You can be approved as an adult for the roleply, yet you may not enter the castle. That is only for school staff members and those who got an invitation from the Headmaster or Deputy Headmistress. If you want a job in the castle you have to apply with the Headmaster. Being approved as an adult character does not make you a teacher rightaway. You can also apply with the Ministry of Magic as an adult. New adult members can find application forms and mailboxes in the public owlery in Lil Hogsmead's city center, only about 50m from the station.

Houses and appartments can be rented in Lil Hogsmead, Londonish and Godric's Hollow. The latter two are still partially under construction but should be available soon.

Shop renters can get a spot in Lil Hogsmead, Wizard Alley and Londonish.

So far for this post, I'll tell you about the other sims and more details about the RP soon.

See you :)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If only Real Life and Second Life were exchangable... I'd know exactly what to do!

For 3 years now I am a resident of Second Life.

I was and am an explorer, a creator, an artist, a businessman and entertainer, a roleplayer, a husband, brother, a wife and sister, a father and a friend. I have met with people from all over the real world - in world. I have learned many stories, I have seen amazing things and there is nothing in the second world I have not done yet... or wouldn't do!

You will need the fingers of both hands to count my appearances, and probably a month to look supervifially into all the projects I am involved in.

And this is probably the reason why it took me 3 years to get this blog started.

This blog goes under the name of the Platonic Friends Creative Guild, which is the creative arm (obviously) of The Circle of Platonic Friends, a group I founded when I started out in Second Life and which already has a very long and colourful history.

In this blog I will report different events and happenings in Second Life, I will tell about what my friends and I are doing and about the projects we run. And I might even find some time to reflect on how living inworld has changed over the past 3 years.

You can sort this blog into Second Life Misc, because I really don't have any system for how to talk about whatever seems to be interesting for those who live inworld. You may expect chaos yay!

So long!