Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My World Tour, Pt. III - China

Welcome to China! I'm not quite sure what year we landed in, my fingers got sore from all the time turning. However, the Great Wall still looks great. The wall is historically reported to be 10.000 Li in length, which might mean almost 6000 Kilometers, but more likely it means that it is just a damn long wall.

Originally the Great Wall was build to shield the country from babarous hordes from the north...

...nowadays the wall is regularly being stormed by barbarous tourists from the west, they are armed mostly with cameras and mobile phones.

Here I think Becca is reaching for her mobile in her back pocket.

Climbing the Wall can be very exhausting. I totally need a break.

It is said that first building endevours started about 2500 years ago. Like with so many historical buildings the work on it never really stopped, as soon as it was done, preservation started and today parts of the Wall are being restaurated. Though in some areas, civilians use the stones of the Wall to build their private homes!
When enemies were in sight a fire signal was lit on top of these guard post to warn the other towers.

A lot of parts of the Wall are interrupted by natural barriers like rivers and mountains. Here we have an awesome view on large ships in a harbour.

Now we meet with one of the most important people in all China.

Of course we pay him our respects and stay for a chat.

As we move on we find a house on a lake.

And a stranded fishing boat.

Finally we came to a place that looked a bit more inhabited.

And accidentally sneaked into a casern. We got lucky, there was no one around. So we tried our luck with the bows and arrows and then ran off.

You can tell my feet are aching after walking the 10.000 (neverending) Li.

So we enter the city and check out the movie theater... or was it a school?

Afterwards we had a cup of tea...

...but didn't account for the bill. Not so lucky we got ordered to work it off, with a cab...

...all around the plaza, baby...

...around and around.
It will be a while until I return to this place, at least until my feet have returned to their normal size. Still, this is one amazing place to visit.

When we were leaving the country we discover this strange place...or was I just dreaming? China in Ink!

So long!

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  1. Haha aww wow you had to carry those suitcases all over? And you really should be more of a gentleman and carrying Becca's in at least some of them. :P