Sunday, May 16, 2010

My World Tour, Pt. II - Ancient Egypt

Egypt (watch out the sim is now high RP area, you have to dress ancient or you'll be banned)

As I said before, we went up the Nile and landed in Egypt! In case you wonder, where Rebecca went again... I didn't see her after we came out of the pyramid.

So I started wandering around on my own.

This Sphinx looks kinda different from what I've seen in books. Maybe it is because we did a time travel this time. Honest, why look at ruins if you can see the real thing? :P

In the Temple the catlike goddess Bastet is being worshipped.

Here in anthropomorphic form.

In the temple names of great ekings and queens have been carved into stone. Is that a white rabbit over there?

The buildings are still in very good shape! And those have been old already 2000 years ago.

Another temple, where Anubis is the guardian. The Horus eye means protection.

He really is that tall!

Idyllic view across the Nile.

At the foot of the Obelisk I find the Horus eye again and a scarab "Cheper" which symbolises a new beginning.

I truely wish I had brought my glasses...or a ladder.

Later on I climed the Pyramid... and while I was looking across Ancient Egypt some faded memory was nagging in the back of my head. What was it I forgot?

Oh yes! I let Rebecca out of the tomb and she was so grateful she forgot to beat me up. However, if you go to Egypt and find the golden tip of the pyramid is missing... well, I'm a wizard and I have a really big suitcase!
So long!

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